Openslice offers the following main functionalities:

The following figure displays the overall architecture of Openslice.

Openslice  architecture

Openslice allows Vertical Customers browsing the available offered service specifications. It consists of:

The following figure depicts how Openslice microservices are deployed

Openslice microservices network deployment

Deploying Openslice in multi domain scenarios

A typical deployment across domains, involves today some typical components: i) an OSS/BSS to allow customers access the service catalog and perform service orders, ii) a Service Orchestrator (SO) component for executing the service order workflow, as well as iii) a Network Functions Virtualization Orchestrator (NFVO) for configuring the iv) network resources.

TMF Open APIs are introduced not only for exposing catalogues and accepting service orders, but also implementing the East-West interfaces between the domains, fulfilling also the LSO requirements as introduced by MEF.

The following figure shows how openslice could be used in such scenarios:

Openslice  multi-domain-architecture

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