Catalogs and Templates

The Openslice Service Catalogue (accessible through the API or web portal) contains the representation of Service Specifications, either created from the provider defining service attributes, or by supporting the GSMA Generic Slice Templates (GST) as well as the VINNI Service Blueprint. The following scenarios are supported by the Openslice Service Catalogue.

Create a Service Specification

Generic Slice Templates (GST)

On October 16th 2019 GSMA published NG.116 Version 2.0 which defines the Generic Network Slice Template (GST). GST is a set of attributes that can characterise a type of network slice/service. GST is generic and is not tied to any specific network deployment. Here is a list of the various attributes of the template:

Openslice offers the GST in a format that is machine readable and aligned with the TMF SID model. Here is a tentative approach in JSON :

Providers can clone a GST as e NEST directly in Openslice Web portal and the adjust the default attributes to their Service Specification

5G-VINNI Service Blueprint

5G-VINNI Service Blueprint is a special Service Specification defined by teh 5G-VINNI project. Many details can be found in document

5G-VINNI Service Blueprint is a reusable self-contained specification of required network slice service (instances). As described in GST mapping VINNI-SB is also machine readable.

Here is a tentative approach in JSON :

5G-VINNI SB has many commonalities with GST as well as it offers Testing as a Service attributes.

Next figure presents the high-level object model of a 5G-VINNI service blueprint.

The 5G-VINNI SB as a first prototype approach is conceived as a CFS of a ‘bundle’ of services. It has some characteristics, like name, description, service type (eMBB, etc) and others. The constituent services are:

VINNI SB Template Model diagram

Manage a Service Specification

Publish a Service Specification

Retire/Remove a Service Specification

Assign a Service Specification to Service Categories

(TBD) Consume and expose Service Specifications from other Service Catalogues